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The Security Patrol covers the neighborhoods of Belvedere Park and White Oak. The Patrol is based on Community Oriented Policing and is intended to enhance police patrols already provided by the South Precinct of DeKalb County Police South Precinct. The Patrol adds another layer of protection for our residents and businesses, while creating a personal relationship between the Patrol officers and the community. 

The Patrol consists of off-duty DeKalb County officers, who patrol in full DCPD uniform and their publicly marked police vehicles. Their goal is to work to foster a safer community by getting to know the residents, as well as refining the usual police services of serving and protecting by targeting the areas of our neighbor that we feel need special attention.  Although "off-duty," these police officers still retain full policing powers, allowing them to stop and question suspicious persons, ask for IDs, and check for prior arrests and outstanding warrants. Incident response times will be significantly shorter should an incident occur during private patrol hours.

The number of patrol hours are based on the number of current subscribers. The time these patrol hours are executed is determined through crime analyses and is adjusted weekly, so subscribers get the best bang for their buck. The Patrol is funded through subscriptions (to not be confused with association memberships), with all money allocated specifically for neighborhood patrols. The Belvedere Park Neighborhood Association also holds fundraisers, allocating a portion of the profits to the Patrol.


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